Recent Tracks That Haven't Left Erick's Box

With a massive summer weekend upon us, it’s time to highlight 2 more massive tunes we’ve put out over recent months.

First up is the feelgood Richard Grey & Maboo Inc peaktime monster ‘Turn This World Around’ featuing a mighty Nyx Syrinx Nelio Remix that has been doing the business at Pacha Ibiza for weeks now.

Then there’s another of Harry Choo Choo Romero’s recent run of amazing solo and partnership productions. The buzz about ‘Tambores’ has been proved right by the crowd reactions whenever it is played.

Both are huge records that Erick has been playing and if you don’t already own them, now’s the time! Beatport links are in the Soundcloud players above – perfect club music to play very loud over the coming days…

Plenty more where these came from too. We’re releaseing music every week:

‘Flirt’ & ‘Fallin’ – Subliminal Rocks it Again

Still tearing up dancefloors everywhere are these 2 recent Subliminal releases that deserve your attention whether you be a clubber, a DJ or a plain old lover of good music.

John Dhalback comes to Subliminal with a mighty label debut in ‘Flirt’ – a party starting tune if ever we heard one. Meanwhile Richard Grey and Sebjak are back in the studio together for ‘Fallin’ – their partnership throws out nothing but peaktime stormers and this is no exception!

Interviews with the artists and more can be found at where you should sign up for free as a Subliminal VIP as tomorrow we send out the exclusive first view of our recent party at Pulse in London to members, where Erick was joined by John Dhalback for a night of pure madness.

Could 2011 Be Erick’s Biggest Ever Year?

Erick Morillo

Following a mind-blowing opening to 2011 – launching the Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas along with Jay-Z, Coldplay and others – Erick has already set the pace for the year ahead.

He’s been busy in the studio over the last couple of weeks, continuing work with fellow Subliminal Records cohorts Harry Choo Choo Romero and Jose Nunez on some house music bombs that are going to rule your summer.

“I’m working hard in the studio all this winter,” Erick tells us, ahead of another production session with Eddie Thoneick this week. “My goal is to put out my own artist LP this year, plus we’re putting the finishing touches to a separate LP from Shawnee Taylor right now too.”

Erick’s also overseeing albums coming from Denis the Menace and Richard Grey, plus 2011 also signals the return of the legendary Bambossa and Subusa labels, both part of the Subliminal family.

“There’s so much good music coming through at the moment,” enthuses Erick. “Subusa allows us to put out slightly more commercial tracks, while Bambossa is for the deep, dark ‘n dirty vocals that can also crossover.”

More info on Bambossa and Subusa

With his new residency in Las Vegas ready to explode again on Feb 5th, Morillo is to put a DJ performance on a par with the big Vegas shows for the first time, with the help of Marquee’s $3m hydraulic DJ booth and the most amazing production in the world.

“These monthly gigs are going to blow you away,” he says, “I really believe Vegas is now America’s Ibiza. It’s certainly become as important.”

With a 14th season at Pacha in Ibiza also in the pipeline, plus big international tours starting with Brazil next week, 2011 has every chance of being the most important and incredible year in Erick’s stellar career so far.

Stay tuned for all the info!

Diary: Ibiza, Dubai, Birmingham

This week’s party action started, for the 17th week in a row, at Pacha Ibiza. This being the second to last show of summer, there was plenty of energy and an amazing vibe in the air. There’s that feeling that we haven’t got much time left to dance on this special island, so everyone needs to squeeze an extra amount of fun out of their last nights out before all head home for the winter.

We had Carl Kennedy opening and as always he did not disappoint. Then special guest A-Trak, all the way form NYC, played some amazing tunes that got the crowd amped up! He’d been asked to play ‘sexy’ music, a different angle froom his usual gigs, but he truly knew what would move the hips if the ultra sexy Subliminal crowd.

Erick rocking Pacha

It was a perfect way to set up Pacha’s resident witch doctor himself, and Erick played an amazing set this evening. Wow! He took it old school, took it new school and showed his technical side with crazy loops, samples and more tricks. Afterwards he told us he really thought it was his best set of the summer.

It looked like the crowd agreed come 7am. We had Danny Tenaglia stop by and say hello, Richard Grey in the house and all the regulars. One of the best Voodoo Nights of the lot, after a summer where no Wednesday has failed to deliver.

One of the biggest tracks of the night, the new mixes of Erick and Markus Binapfl’s ‘Alive’.

Morillo, Tenaglia and Grey

After Pacha, it was straight to the airport to get on a plane bound for Frankfurt, our stopover on route to play at Sanctuary in Dubai. It’s a great venue, based inside the amazing Atlantis hotel resort.

Inside, the club was jammed packed with enthusiastic fans. They were all extra thirsty for Erick Morillo since he missed his last show in the city due to the freak Icelandic volcano eruption few months back.

Sanctuary, Dubai

This was going to be quickie because in Dubai they close early, so Erick played his heart out. Let me not forget all the beautiful women that kept asking for a photo with Erick – what a tough life! Big thanks to all that came and we will see you all back in Dubai in November…

Next might we were at the mighty Gatecrasher Birmingham in the UK. This was always going to be a special night, with GB celebrating their second year anniversary. So who did they call on, but Erick Morillo.

International sunglasses!

This is one of my favourite nightclubs in the world. Let me tell you, the crowd here is one of the best I’ve seen. Erick walked into the booth and “Boom!” all these pyrotechnics went off! The fans went insane. We saw plenty of love from them live via Twitter too as the party went from strength to strength. Fantastic support.

The GB dancers are some of the hottest out there too. And I want to give a shout out to the fan that we saw in Dubai on Friday who had followed us to Birmingham for Saturday. Erick signed his glasses in Dubai and then in GB. Now that’s FAN!

Erick showed this past weekend why he’s a contender for Mixmag’s Greatest DJ of All Time award. Gatecrasher, you keep doing what your doing and you will have many more anniversaries!

Gatecrasher freaks

On Sunday Erick went down to London to record his next mix CD – to be released in November. We’ll have more news for you about that in the next few days, so keep an eye on but let’s just say it’s going to be blowing your stereo/headphones into pieces very soon…

Manny – Tour Manager