Diary: The Party Never Ends

We started things off for another pan-European party week as ever, at Pacha in Ibiza on a Wednesday night. There’s no mistaking the fact that the island is in full swing now it’s the middle of August. It manages to make each night feel special, and that was certainly the case at Voodoo Nights.

We had all our friends from Pacha NYC in the building, celebrating 5 years of the famous cherries having a home in the big apple. Eddie Dean, Rob Fernandez and the whole crew really brought the New York vibe to Ibiza.

Pacha Ibiza

Meanwhile in the main room Carl Kennedy opened up and set levels for the night at SEXY. Then Sidney Samson stepped up to do his thing and the crowd were loving it. He’s made quite a name for himself since smashing into everyone’s consciousness with ‘Riverside’, and the Pacha faithful were pleased he’d come as a guest of Subliminal Sessions.

Group photo at Subliminal Sessions, Pacha

From the moment Erick entered the club he just seemed 100% focussed, and when he hit the decks you could tell that he was. His set was all about “bringing sexy back” as he said. It was a proper voodoo witch doctor masterclass. The floor was packed till the bitter end and Erick played till 7:15am as too many people were screaming his name to let him stop.

Zoo Club, Sanxenxo

The next night we hit the mainland to play at the Zoo club in Sanxenxo. Wow. What a club and what love. As we pull up to the venue all you can see was a bunch of crazed young people screaming “Morilloooo!” An amazing sight to see, and it continued like that inside.

Once Erick arrived he said, “Are you ready? I’m ready.” Then things went boom! The whole place erupted, the heads bopping furiously and hands waving up in the air. “Morillo! Morillo! Morillo!”

It’s difficult to describe the feeling of seeing 3000 people screaming their heads off in 3 different rooms, all filtering Erick’s sound and video from the main booth. It was sick! Erick played his ass off. Even the owner mentioned these fans love Erick more than any other DJ they ever showcase. That’s saying a lot! Special thanks to all that showed. You were amazing. See you in Ibiza!

Via Notte, Corsica

Next night we were back at Via Notte in Corsica. This place was packed from the minute they opened. It’s an amazing outdoor venue with balconies over looking the dancefloor, and when Erick arrived security made a pathway for him through the crowd and it just looked like the champ had arrived!

Champagne arrives at Via Notte

He summarily blew Corsica’s mind with his accas and his perfect selection of mixes. ”Ooooh my god!” DJ Dove kept screaming on the mic, and with just cause. Then the rain came. It didn’t deter the clubbers though, as the wet dancefloor remained packed. One of Erick’s close friends had 7 bottles of Dom P sent to the booth for us to enjoy. Another amazing night and amazing people.

Lovelands 'water' dancefloor

As we made our way over to Amsterdam, nothing can stop the EM train. The Loveland festival was packed everywhere you looked, but our stage was particularly amazing. All the crazed fans were suspended on a rubber matt with a pool underneath. So when the crowd bounced they did it in waves, kinda like a human sea. Just sick!

Erick began his set and said “I’m going to take them right up, and then I’m going to bring it back sexy. You don’t need to play the hits in order to get this crowd to roar!” He had this crowd jumping so much that they broke the floor and it had to be given an emergency to repair while Erick was still spinning. Amazing.

Erick said he thought this was his best gig in Amsterdam in over 3 years, so thanks to you bouncing, waving, raving loons for making it so good.

Electrocity, Poland

We hopped on our plane in a frenzy to make the next gig at Electrocity in Poland. The rush clearly effected Erick as he was on fire when he arrived, and so was the crowd.

Roger Sanchez had played before so he had the crowd going already. Erick started with some amazing tracks and the crowd was soon screaming. Fans at the front were wearing Morillo t-shirts, and the visuals were sick. Erick mentioned “I feel like I’m on Star Trek with all these lasers.”

Then this whistle-stop visit was over. Erick said “I love these 2-hour quickies, but I wish we had more time. The fans here in Poland showed us a lot of love and I hope they remember this amazing showcase of music.”

Paradise Club, Mykonos

We flew across to Mykonos for the second time this month for Round 2 at Paradise club. In one word: sensational! The streets were buzzing, the VIP was sold out and pre sale tickets were at their highest levels too.

Erick arrived at the club, which is on a cliff with a giant pool smack in the middle of the dancefloor, and as usual the Italians were in the house “Napoli! Napoli! Napoli!” The club set off fireworks to let the town know Erick Morillo was in the house!

He set off the night with his monster track ‘Live Your Life’ and the crowd went insane. The promoter said this was one of their biggest nights of the summer and you can’t imagine the vibe, you had to just be there. Erick told me this was his best time ever at Paradise club and he can’t wait to come back next year. As always, were does the time go? Erick ended his crazed set at 8:30am and their must have been 400 people still there when the sun was well and truly up from behind the cliffs. Special thanks to Thomas, Salvatore, Adam, Agent Greg and the whole staff at Paradise club. See you next year!

The party never ends, but this particular week finished up at the legendary Cocorico in Riccione, Italy. And wow! I can only describe this place in 2 words: f’ing amazing! The club is the shape of a pyramid but the ceiling is made of glass so you can gaze at the stars.

Cocorico, Riccione, Italy

The people’s energy here was of the meter. Again Napoli was in the house! Erick had a crowd of thirsty Italians baying for his music, and he quenched their thirst with an amazing display of the house music the love. “This is a great way to end this week’s tour,” he told me. “I’m living the dream!”

Special thanks Enzino and his whole promotion team. You guys rock. As we headed home to Ibiza, Erick noted that no matter where he goes in the world Napoli is always representing!

Diary: Summer Island Hopping

Erick at Voodoo Nights, Ibiza

We’re entering the peak of summer, so Erick’s gig calendar is packed. But we’re having so much fun it’s a real pleasure to keep on travelling to all these great party destinations. This week, we started off as usual at Pacha Ibiza for a night that really should have been dubbed ‘Subliminal All Stars’.

Pacha’s own Andy Baxter is not only a resident DJ but a local too and he sure knows how to get the locals to the dancefloor early. Then it was wall-to-wall Subliminal talent, starting with Denis The Menace and Markus Binapfl, who really are a perfect mix playing together. They feed off each other’s energy and the crowd can feel it to.

Markus Binapfl

Markus started playing on a drum set that he brought and man, this guy has some skills! What an amazing act to watch. Then came Subliminal’s very own Harry Choo Choo Romero. Now if you don’t know, Harry is on a total mission at the moment. He’s producing bomb tracks lately like ‘Here Comes That Sound‘ and ‘Acid Kraft‘ and is on fire as a DJ too. He had the crowd with their arms up in the air from the first record and what’s funny was he hadn’t even begun trying. It was mayhem from there onwards.

That lead perfectly into Voodoo Doctor head boss man himself, Erick Morillo. Erick told me before he went on that the music he was going to play tonight was “all about making everyone feel sexy”. If you know his sets and Subliminal’s output, that’s always what it’s about. However he managed to push everyone’s sex buttons a little harder than usual tonight and the result was a heaving dancefloor and plenty of raunchy moves.

Tiesto with Harry Romero

Everyone who was anyone seemed to be at Pacha by this stage. We had Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding in the place, and tennis star Raphael Nadal, plus another of the island’s big resident DJs, Tiesto, stopped by. He was really getting into Erick’s vibe, as was Richard Grey, who was his usual crazy self. Meanwhile Erick, the true showman, was dancing, showing off and dropping new bombs to put the crowd in their weekly voodoo trance. Special thanks to you, the fans, that always make this night so special!

Into the Erick Morillo jet

The next night we were over on the Spanish mainland. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Marbella, and you know what? It’s true and then some. Erick has played at Dreamers in the resort for many years and considers it his home here. The venue is super sexy. Two floors with a wrap around balcony for all VIPs to see what the DJ is doing.

Dreamers Marbella

Erick walked into booth with the normal smile lighting up the faces of his eager fans and BOOM! The man of the hour was on the decks. Erick has been so in tune with what every different destination we play is craving for, and Marbella was no different. Sexy house music and some big room tracks just to get the hands up in the air. Phones were being passed to Erick with messages on, he was signing t-shirts, sunglasses, you name it. One guy gave Erick a 500 Euro note to sign. Wow! These people love him. We had a few people visit us in the booth including the lovely Rebecca Tong (Pete Tong’s daughter) and overall this night was about great vibes.

Friday it was onwards to another place Erick likes to call home, Byblos in Croatia. He’s played here numerous times, so we always expect a big turn out here. It’s an outdoors covered venue, very spacious and with some great very professional staff, from the doorman to the bathroom attendant. The DJ booth is a as close as you can get to the dance floor, so Erick walked on the scene with his usual smile and plenty of hand shakes.

Resident DJ D & G – also the promoter for this event – opened up for Erick and set him up very nicely. Then E totally raised the roof with some brand new music he’s just received from Harry Choo Choo Romero. I don’t think anyone can touch Erick this summer – he’s totally at the top of his game. “It’s going to be a good summer,” he beamed at me, as the club went off yet again.

Byblos, Croatia

There were so many beautiful women underneath one roof it was unreal. Right when you think you have heard it all, a particularly attractive girl next to me said “we are models we now how to do everything.” I don’t know what she meant when she said that, but it sure sounded interesting. Special thanks to the whole staff at Byblos. We can’t wait to come back.

Paradise Club, Mykonos

final stop of our latest tour was Mykonos in Greece. The legendary Paradise club loves Erick, so another big turn-out is always guaranteed here. The club is on top of a mountain peak overlooking some of the most beautiful beaches and ocean front houses you will ever see. The dancefloor is set around an outside pool bar, with the DJ booth in the middle and about 600 crazed fans were screaming Erick’s name the whole night. There was a full moon this evening so the energy was sky high throughout and the people were so responsive to every record.

Morillo lovers, Mykonos

Some fans even brought a banner in that read ‘I Love Erick Morillo’ that was bouncing about in the madness of it all. Wow what a night… and what a morning. As the party rocked on, the sun begun to creep back up behind the mountains, bathing us all in an orange glow. It was a sight to remember. Thank God Erick told me to bring my shades! A great end to this week’s tour. See you back in Ibiza this Wednesday, and across Europe again at the weekend…

Manny – Tour Manager

Paradise club sunrise