Erick Morillo Tour Diary May 2012 (part 1)

04 May 2010 – Stereo Live, Houston TX

We made our way to Houston TX. This was our first time here in Houston, so we were very excited to see how much EDM was progressing. I arrived early as usual and the line was around the corner, everyone was dressed white and looking very festive! Stereo Live is an awesome venue, two levels and huge sound system with all the confetti canons one could ask for. Erick arrived to find himself with room filled with Colombian’s, he was rocking the decks with some fresh new edits, that not even I knew the name’s of. I have to admit, those long hours in the studio are sure paying off, there was so much energy and so much love, all emanating from the music. The crowd was even singing “Live Your Life”. What an amazing night here Houston and we can’t wait to be back!

05 May 2012 – Marquee, Las Vegas

We jumped on a plane and our next stop Las Vegas, if you all don’t know we have a monthly residency at Marquee. The Vegas strip was buzzing all afternoon. You had Floyd Mayweather fighting Miguel Cotto and Mr Erick Morillo performing at Marquee, so you knew this evening was going to be nuts! I arrived a bit early to hear my boy Jason Lima open up the night, he did a fantastic job and passed the reigns over to Erick Morillo, Erick leaned over to me and whispered, “ I’m playing sexy tonight “, he sure did; he had the ladies shaking their tale feathers all night. So many people stopped by to say hello, our boy from Miami Dave Grutman “ owner of LIV Miami, Salah “owner of Texas de Brazil”, Richard Grey, my homeboy Josh Wander and NFL star Sean Merriman. This was one night I don’t think Marquee will ever forget. See you all soon for EDC Las Vegas!

06 May 2012 – Tao Beach, Las Vegas

I made my way over to the Venetian Hotel. This was Erick Morillo’s first time playing at Tao Beach, I can’t begin to tell you how hot it was, but not to worry, Erick Morillo was going to make it even hotter. Erick arrived with his lovely fiancé and Tao beach let out a big roar! People were opening signs reading, “We fucking love you Erick Morillo”. Erick was just feeding off the crowd and playing some amazing classics. What an amazing display Tao beach put on, everyone was going nuts, spraying themselves with champagne. I’d like to give a special thanks to all the ladies in your tiny bikinis. To all that showed up and endured the heat. We LOVE you and we hope to see you all in Ibiza!

Words: Manny Zelaya

Erick in Mexico & Las Vegas this weekend, March 2/3

Erick is in sunny Mexico this Friday March 2nd, and back in his residency at the amazing Marquee club, Las Vegas on Saturday the 3rd. Both gigs will be huge, and you need to get tickets to avoid disappoint when they sell out.

You can get further info and tickets for Mexico here

And for Marquee club, Las Vegas tickets here

Here’s a taste of what Las Vegas is all about….

Erick Morillo Tour Diary December 2011

03 Dec 2011: Marquee, Las Vegas

We crossed America and headed out west to Sin City, Las Vegas. Marquee has become one of my most favorite places in America; it boasts huge sound, the most unreal LED wall and THE hottest ladies on the planet. This was Erick’s last night at Marquee this year so I knew it was on like Donkey Kong! Erick was escorted to the DJ booth and he looked like a prized fighter. He had his game face on this evening, he leaned over to me and said, “You ready?” It may be a cliché but Erick saved his best for his last set at Marquee this year. He just rocked it out in true Erick Morillo fashion. I can’t say it enough but no one can touch Erick when he’s on fire. He told a great story and took this crowd through some peaks and valleys. I will be counting the days till we return in March. Special thanks to Jason Straus, Morgan Deanne and the entire Marquee staff and all the fans for making this year such a memorable one!!!

09 Dec 2011: Shampoo, Philadelphia PA

This was my first time in the city of brotherly love, so I was looking forward to see the house scene in Philly. We made our way from NYC by Helicopter, flying high above the city – Erick is such a rock star! We entered the DJ booth to see a dance floor that was rammed, jammed, packed! Erick was bouncing with anticipation to take over the decks. He dropped his new bomb “Elephant”, yo, this record is going to be HUUUUGE! I’m still getting chills from the crowd’s reaction. Erick dropped every new record from his production on Sympho Nympho and if you don’t know that’s Erick Morillo, Harry Romero and Jose Nunez, well, you do now! Wow! What an amazing night ofmusic and an evening I will not forget. A special thanks to Alex Martini and the entire staff at Shampoo.

10 Dec 2011: Pacha, New York

Six years ago Pacha opened its doors in New York City, a city where nightlife is tough, just to stay open for one year is an eternity. Pacha has surpassed all the naysayers that it would never last. This was the last installment of six weeks of some the most amazing music in one building. What better way to cap off this six-year celebration with the manhimself Erick Morillo. I walked into the club to find this joint rammed with some of New York’s most elite. Carl Kennedy was warming up the decks very nicely, letting this New York crowd marinate for the explosion to come. Erick walked into the DJ booth to hear a huge roar from his loyal fans. I felt like I was at Pacha, Ibiza. So many of our friends stopped by to say hello including Danny Whittle, Mark Netto, James Fowell, Grand Master Flash, Sean Merriman and our very own Miss Helen Coates, Erick’s agent. This was one night that will not be forgotten any time soon. What more can one ask for – great music and a vibe that only Pacha, New York brings to the floor.

15 Dec 2011: Music Box, Los Angeles

As we made our way out west, this was our first time playing at Music Box, so I was very excited to see what all hype was all about. As I approached the venue all you can see was a huge line outside and let me notfail to mention it was only Thursday. Erick made his entrance as only he knows how. Of course he was all smiles and tonight there was a big surprise. Our friend Val / Owner of V-Moda headphones unveiled the Erick Morillo one of akind headphones. These headphones boast a 24 carat gold laser cut Subliminal logo. Wow! All I can say is take a look for yourself! We had the lovely Mexican singer Paulina Rubio stop by and say hello and of course all of the most sexiest women in L.A. Special thanks to my man Kolbi for bringing us out here and of course all the fans who came out to support!

30 Dec 2011: Rhythm & Vines, New Zealand

We made our way around the world to New Zealand. More than 25,000 people turned up for the opening night of R&V. This is New Zealand’s premier New Year event, which makes it the biggest festival since its inception, nine years ago. Erick had the crowd in rock mode when he took the stage! Thousands swarmed to the Vines stage to show their love for Erick Morillo. This was such a great a vibe from beginning to end; so many eager fans pushed their way to the front of the stage, to get a better view of their hero. I would like to say thank you to New Zealand for showing us so much love and we look forward to coming back next year!

31 Dec 2011: Ivy, Sydney Australia

No time to waste, we hopped on a flight and made our way to Sydney, Australia. Sydney was in full swing with their preparation to bring in the New Year. Streets were closed and the city was in total party mode. The Ivy is known for bringing in some of the best acts and tonight would be no different! Erick was playing an early set to bring in the New Year. It was more of an intimate gathering by the pool over looking all of Sydney. Some of the hottest women were here and all I can say “I want to marry an Australian woman”! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Erick passed the reigns over to the best-dressed DJ in this game Dimitri from Paris!

The party moved downstairs to the courtyard, where the real party was. Erick jumped on stage to wish everyone a Happy New Year and the crowd went into a frenzy! I can’t describe the feeling you get when you see a room full of people just raving and loving life, all in the zone getting down together. All I can say is, I love my job, and I love Sydney for all the great moments we shared that night. Special thanks to the Ivy who brought us here and to our loving fans!

Words: Tour manager: Manny Zelaya

Diary: Halloween from Coast to Coast in a Day

29 Oct: Back In Black, Miami

This event was sold out for weeks with a massive buzz on the social networks. Erick Morillo, Sebastian Ingrosso and Bob Sinclair all playing under one huge tent. When I arrived I was greeted by my boy Patrick M who was warming up the giant dancefloor. This place was absolutely packed, with some of the most outrageous Halloween costumes on display. Erick arrived all smiles, and why not?! The crowd went into a frenzy when they saw him.

Then the lights were blacked out and Erick’s intro blasted out and it sounded sick! BOOM! Erick started his set playing some of the hottest tracks out there back to back. I have to admit Erick has been on fire with at all our US dates since Ibiza. He even dropped Calvin Harris big hit ‘So Close To You”, to which the crowd went bananas. Amazing scenes.

We had a few notables on stage with us up on the platform. Our main man David Grutman (owner of LIV) was in attendance, as was DJ/producer Armand Pena and some of the hottest women in Miami. This was an amazing show and many thanks to the true professionals at Go Big Productions. Special thanks to Alex Omes, Emi, Louis, Omar and of course all the loving fans!

Amazing Back In Black pics by &

29 Oct: Halloween at The Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles Cali

No time to rest, as we hopped into a plane. Next stop LA – two parties all in one day! As we arrived to LA the streets were totally packed. Everyone was out celebrating Halloween and in costume. I arrived to the show to be greeted by our own Helen Coates. She always makes me smile and is calming like a cup of tea. No time to chat as I needed to get Erick’s set-up ready in less than 10 minutes. Erick arrived in the booth to be greeted by the sight of some of the creepiest and scariest fans celebrating Halloween in style.

Erick showed yet again that he is the master. Everyone was in great spirits for this special party and we had the usual top notch selection of his famous fans stop by to say hello, from Paris Hilton to supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. This was a great party from start to finish! Special thanks Jordan, Marc, Auggie and all the fans that showed off their amazing costumes!

30 Oct: Treasure Island, San Francisco, Cali

We were very excited to be in San Francisco. We always hear how much the fans love Erick here. And this venue was full to bursting with some of best Halloween costumes I had seen all weekend. What can I say, San Fran had it going on! Erick arrived to find himself in a room full of dancing ghosts and goblins. He rocked the house again, and you can see how he feeds off all the energy in the room. This was an exciting evening with some of the best people I have worked with. Special thanks to Toby and his amazing team. You guys did a great job getting the night ready. Let’s not forget the San Fran fans who certainly showed all their love!

04 Nov: Glo, Westbury NY

This was billed as ‘the return of Erick Morillo’. If you all don’t know, this is one of my favorite venues in the United States. Big room, big sound and a magnet for the hottest girls in NY. When I arrive everyone in the room was wearing Erick Morillo sunglasses compliments of Glo. Girls were striking a pose and they looked amazing. Antranig was warming up the dancefloor very nicely.

Erick arrived in the usual high spirits and he just smacked this cub up, down and sideways with some of the freshest tracks. Erick keeps amazing me with how diverse he can be. We had Eddie Dean, Rob Fernandez, both from Pacha NYC, plus song writer Duane Harden in the house.

05 Nov: Marquee, Las Vegas

We arrived in Las Vegas to do our monthly residency at Marquee. It’s always a treat to come to Vegas and tonight was no exception. As I’ve said before, Marquee keeps getting better and better. I arrived a bit early to hear my boy Miguel Ortiz play. I must say he did an amazing job. Erick was escorted to the stage through the melee to find himself in front of a room eager to explode! Erick played another great set at Marquee. Word has it that the top 3 parties so far this year at this amazing club have all been performed by Erick Morillo. Wow, that is saying something! The ladies were looking sexy as always. Special thanks to all that showed up and of course Morgan, Jason Strauss and his amazing team at Marquee. See you all again very soon.

Manny – Tour Manager

Loads more pics including outrageous costumes