Erick Morillo Tour Diary April 2012

06 Apr 2012 – Pacha, NYC

This was our first time back to Pacha this New Year. No better way to make a return than to celebrate Mr Erick Morillo’s birthday bash. You can’t even imagine how many people were texting me for guest list. This was a celebration you did not want to miss. I walked into the DJ booth to find our very own Harry Choo Choo Romero ripping the decks up. Playing a variety of tech house. Next up birthday boy himself Erick Morillo but tonight Erick had a special guest for everyone! Wyclef from the Fugees was performing the hit new single with Erick “Miss Molly”! The crowd went into frenzy and Wyclef is such a showman, giving the crowd a bit of freestyle off his dome. What an amazing performance from a pioneer of hip-hop. The maestro himself, Erick, played till 8:30am capping off the night. Special thanks to all that showed up and gave the birthday boy a night to reminder.

12 Apr 2012 – Lavo, NYC

We made our way back to NYC. Twice in less than a week must mean we had a big celebration to attend. Jason Straus was celebrating his birthday, and who better to set this party off, than yours truly, Erick Morillo. One can say Jason Straus has the Midas touch when it comes to nightlife. I arrived early to avoid the chaos outside and sure enough it was mayhem! The who’s who of nightlife was trying to get into this Gala of event. So many came to wish Jason happy birthday, Nikki Hilton, Noah T, Rob Fernandez, Lou B and my boy Josh Wonders. Erick even sang his own rendition of Happy birthday to Jason. It was not pretty but he sure can play music! Special thanks to everyone that showed up!

13 Apr 2012 – MID, Chicago Il

Early morning pickups are the worst but the show must go on. We made our way over to the Midwest. There’s been a lot of hype about MID, so I could not wait to see what all the noise is about. I walked into this two level venue and I was blown away! Big sound and the room packed with some serious house heads. Erick was escorted thru the back alley to avoid the chaos outside. He walked into the booth and this crowd went nutz! Erick started his set with a bang! He just knows how to tell a story. This room got really hot in a minute. No worries Erick pulled out his shiny new Co2 gun, and he cooled them off, for a minute. All good things must come to an end. One thing is for sure Chicago has it going on. See you all June 30th at the Wave Form Festival.

14 Apr 2012 – Marquee, Las Vegas

We made our way further west. Marquee has become my second home. One good reason, Erick has a monthly residency there. I arrive a bit earlier than normal, to find myself in a room packed by 11pm. Tonight we were celebrating the birthday of Jason Straus. If you don’t know who he is, he is the owner of Tao, Marquee and Lavo. So this place was going to be crazy tonight. Erick was rushed into the DJ booth, and he just started spraying the crowd with co2, then started killing them slowly with some tracks from Sympho Nympho, which is the brainchild of Erick Morillo. Harry Choo Choo Romero and Jose Nunez. I have to admit, Las Vegas has some of sexiest women in America! What an amazing night and the energy was thru the roof! Like to give a big shout out to Jason Straus and the entire team over at Marquee! See you all in June!

19 Apr 2012 – Republiq, Manila Philippines

The mobile company Nokia called on Erick Morillo, to launch there new Lumia phone. So we made our way from Miami – Los Angeles – Hong Kong – Philippines. This was one of my longest journeys to date! I was escorted into the venue and was amazed, so many people were eager to hear Erick play. This place is sick, it had a huge LED wall, and an amazing co2 jet production. Erick walked into the booth and just smacked this place up and down! I heard the CFO’s of Nokia were dancing their butts off. So many VIPs were in the house, celebrating the launch of their sexy new phone! All I have to say this crowd was in trance. This was Erick’s first time in Manila but it will not be his last! Thank you Nokia and of course Republiq and all that showed up.

29 Apr 2012 – Amnesia, Miami

We could just not help ourselves, to play one last time here in Miami. You can say this weekend was a very wet one, to say the least, it poured rain all weekend. So by Sunday everyone had cabin fever! The club was packed and ready for an epic evening! Erick walked over and took the decks, starting with a sexy house set for the ladies. Erick played some new edits from Sympho Nympho, and the crowd went insane and is proving the boys (Erick Morillo, Harry Romero and Jose Nunez) are going to have a big year! Special thanks to Dave Grutman, the staff at Liv and of course all of you, the fans! Bon voyage Miami! See you in Ibiza may 30th 2012.

Amnesia photos: Rick from

Words: Tour manager: Manny Zelaya