Diary: Over The Pond For Independence Weekend

July 2nd – Marquee, Las Vegas

This was an exciting weekend – our nation was celebrating its Independence Day, so we ‘crossed the pond’ and made the 12-hour journey from our summer base in Ibiza to America. There are plenty of people who say Las Vegas is the US answer to Ibiza, and when we arrived the place was certainly in full party mode. Out of the frying pan into the fire then!

This was the incredible Marquee club’s first Independence weekend (you might remember it opened on New Year’s eve, with one Erick Morillo at the helm…) and this was one of their busiest nights so far. It was rammed and so many people were wearing red, white and blue showing off their patriotism. The stage was all set for one hellava party.

Our boys from Amsterdam Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano were in the house. They played an amazing set. SEXY SEXY SEXY! That’s all I have to say. There was a big reaction for their showstopping new tune ‘Tribeca’ too. It’s out next Tuesday on Subliminal Records, so get ready to download it. It’s also on Erick’s forthcoming Subliminal Invasion mix CD, so this is certainly becoming another tune of the summer.

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Tribeca – Orginal Mix by Subliminal Records

We had set up an amazing, extra special intro for Erick which blew the house way… just like the set that followed it. I’m still getting text messages saying that Erick’s was the best set Marquee has ever heard. Now that’s saying something, especially if you’ve seen the line up’s they’ve had this year!

We had the most beautiful women come and say hello to Erick and I must say the women in Vegas are by far the most fun in America. Special thanks go out to the crew at Marquee and of course all the fans that showed their love that night. What a great party.

July 3rd – Space, Miami

Next stop Miami! As we were waiting to board our flight we spotted a roll call of DJs making their way to play in Miami as well. Hello Avicii and Sydney Samson. Fans were taken snaps of Erick and the guys and it’s always nice to see excited fans walking away with a smile.

I love Space as it’s a place for the masses who truly enjoy house music. Erick was escorted to the Terrace at 4am and before he even took over the decks the crowd was chanting ER-ICK! ER-ICK! ER-ICK! Wow, they show Erick a lot of love here in Miami.

It’s magical on the Terrace and when Erick’s on fire nobody can touch him. This was a night and day to remember… Erick played until 12 midday! It was an amazing show, one everyone will talk about for months. Twitter went nuts with pictures and excitable comments throughout the morning. Avicii stopped by and said he couldn’t believe the energy on the dancefloor. Special thanks to all that showed up and stayed till the end in the sunshine. Space you are one of the best clubs in the world!

July 7th – Pacha, Ibiza

As June fades away, July comes in with a bang! The island is buzzing and we had some big guys opening up for Erick. First up was Jason Herd and he killed it. He played a few of his hits new and old on Subliminal and the crowd was just moving. Next up was John Dahlback and I just love this guy’s sound. His track ‘Flirt’ is still one of my favourites on Subliminal this year.

John Dahlback – Flirt (Original Extended Mix) by Subliminal Records

Head Invader Erick was next and his style this year has been less commercial and more what I’d call REAL house music. He has been a teacher for many of the DJs coming up at the moment and this was another lesson in how to rock a floor.

Sebastian Ingrosso and Usher stopped by to say hello. Usher has been one of my favourite R&B artists ever, so having him in the DJ booth was an honour. There were so many girls in the DJ booth too! I can’t think why, but Subliminal Wednesdays is the best night to find the honnies.

Erick again pushed the limits and wrapped it all up around 7:05am but even then people kept chanting “one more! One more!” See you this Wednesday for another Subliminal Invasion. Win a pair of tickets here.

Manny – Tour Manager

Two Club Bangers for Your Weekend

Here are 2 recent club smashes from Subliminal and Sondos that Erick has been dropping to wild effect in his sets in Ibiza and beyond.

Antranig rips the speakers apart with his trademark no-holds-barred style on ‘Back That Up’ while Jason Herd makes a welcome return to production on ‘It’s OK’.

Both are available to buy from the players above, so if they’re not already in your collection, sort it out in time for the weekend ahead. Boom!

John Dahlback & Jason Herd with Erick Tonight

Erick has just touched down back in Ibiza after a wild weekend that took in Marquee in Las Vegas and a sunrise marathon session on the Terrace at Space in Miami.

He never misses Wednesday night at Pacha in Ibiza though, and our man reports he’s now fully rested from his flight back, ready for an almighty island party tonight.

He’s joined by John Dahlback, who ripped Subliminal’s London party apart back in March, and Jason Herd, who makes a welcome return to play for us after an extended break. He’s also the voice of the latest Subliminal Podcast, so why not warm up for tonight by blasting that out…

Buy tickets now, avoid the roadblock on the door!

Subliminal Sessions Podcast 10 with Jason Herd

Warming you up for Wednesday at Pacha Ibiza comes the latest Subliminal Sessions Podcast.

It’s hosted by Jason Herd who has recently returned to house music production and his brand new ‘EP1’, tracks have all been a big hit already at Pacha. Jason himself will play for us on July 6th, but before that he’s rinsing out his new music, plus all the latest Subliminal, Sondos, Subusa and Bambossa tracks on this free Subliminal download for you.

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Subliminal Sessions Podcast 10 with Jason Herd by Subliminal Records