Diary: Closing in Ibiza… via Germany, Italy & Spain

21 Sep 2011 – Pacha, Ibiza

This was our second to last party on the island and the buzz about it was something special. Tonight’s guest Felix Da Housecat started things of right by appearing at our Café Mambo pre-party – his first time playing at the famous sunset bar in over 6 years!

The party mood continued at Pacha from the word go as our local resident Andy Baxter has been warming up the dancefloor very nicely all summer long and he was on top form. Next up was Subliminal’s own Jose Nunez. If you haven’t heard of his Sympho Nympho project with Erick Morillo and Harry Choo Choo Romero yet then you soon well. Amazing new music that Jose played in an awesome set alongside numerous Subliminal hits and a few treats I can’t even speak of yet.

Chicago’s Felix Da Housecat was itching to play for us tonight and his tough blend of electro funk house music was well received. I really hope we can have him back again in 2012. Head honcho Erick closed the night, playing through until gone 7am. All summer long he has been giving fans a bit of old, new and something in between. I think this performance ranks as one of his top 5 this summer. With only one fiesta left, everyone in Ibiza is excited about what’s going on at Subliminal Invasion.

23 Sep – Nachresidenze, Germany

I’m always excited to head over to Germany and tonight would be no different. This was our first time at this particular venue, so I was keen to check it out. When I walked in it had a big sound, a tall ceiling and an amazing light show all going off. Erick was escorted to the DJ booth to find himself surrounded by some of the hottest girls I’ve seen in a while. This place had a very mixed crowd which tells me Erick’s sound is touching all ages. Again he smashed it, with everyone begging for “one more song! one more song!” at the end.

24 Sep – Vox club, Modena, Italy

This was another first – our first time in this region. This venue was in a remote location. Even with that being said, it did not stop all the faithful fans from packing the place out! As always when Erick enter a club here, the chant “Erick Morillo smack smack! Erick Morillo smack smack smack!” It’s like clockwork here in Italy. They just can’t get enough of him! Erick duly amazed everyone with his selection of music and we could not get enough of the energy we saw this evening. It’s always a treat to come to Italy. We love you right back!

25 Sep – Opium Mar, Barcelona Spain

I don’t normally mention hotels on our travels but this is one time I will. The W Hotel in Barcelona has a suite called the Wow Suite and let me tell you… it lives up to every bit of that word! Say no more.

This was yet another first time at a venue. I guess this weekend should be called a first class! What more can you say about a venue next to a beach, open air and a room filled with sexy Spanish people in love with their hero? Erick was so focused tonight and the crowd was so energetic. We even had our boy Pete Tha Zouk in the house and I can’t say enough about Paty and her crew, they are some of the best people to work with. I’m going to miss you all this winter!

28 Sep 2011 – Pacha, Ibiza

Last but certainly not least, the time had come for our Closing party. We had to send an amazing summer off is suitable style. A summer that saw Chuckie kill it at the grand opening, Shawnee amaze Ibiza with her voice, Sneaky Sound System bring a new sound all the way from Australia, Danny Tenaglia just rip up the dance floor… So many memories I can’t even begin, and tonight would be no different.

Harry Romero played an awesome set that proves Subliminal will never die, we’re firmly at the forefront of house music now even more than ever! Shawnee sang her hit ‘Stronger’ which was by far her best live show of the summer. Erick Morillo? Well you know what you’re getting – a world class soundtrack to a night the crowd will never forget. I’m sad to call this the closing party, but the summer has proved many things, none more than confirming once more that Erick Morillo is a bona fide legend.

Thanks to each and every one of you who supported out night. We hope you had a blast. To all you girls that gave me headaches, I love you all. Without you I would have nothing to do! To my team, Helen, Caroline and Javier, it was an honour to work with you all. I can’t wait till we return to Ibiza next year!

Manny – Tour Manager

Loads more photos from these and all Erick’s other parties

Felix and Jose at Pacha with Erick Tonight

In a matter of hours, the mighty Felix Da Housecat and our man Jose Nunez join Erick Morillo at Pacha in Ibiza for the penultimate party of our summer season.

You know it’s going to be off the hook, so if you are on the island we hope to see you there. And we kick things off at Cafe Mambo at 9pm for the pre-party too. HOT!

You can still buy advance tickets to avoid the madness on the door

Diary: Catch Us If You Can

Blu Marlin Voodoo Nights Pre Party

Our Blue Marlin Pre Parties are a great way to get in the mood for Voodoo Nights (as you can see!). Pacha this Wednesday was the perfect way to end an amazing month of music. First we had the sexy Carl Kennedy warming up the crowd, then he handed over to the German boys M.A.N.D.Y. These guys play a cool electro groovy kinda house sound and the crowd was just so into it. I love their fresh sound.

Voodoo Nights going wild

Then, the man everyone’s paid their hard-earned euros for – the Subliminal Sessions witch doctor himself – arrived with a big flash. Erick was being followed by a film crew just to capture the life of Erick Morillo. So he stepped into the booth lit up by the film crew… and the fans camera flashes, and it felt like it was just a very special evening.

Felix Da Housecat joins Erick in the booth

You can just tell August is right around the corner. Pacha was packed to the nuts! The dancefloor was filled with a crew of cone heads, which ended up with even Erick wearing one of cone head hats, and signing it as well. This was a fun night with so much energy. I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds, especially with P. Diddy as our very special guest this week. It’s going to be bigger than big. Special thank to all the loyal fans that support Subliminal in Ibiza. You are amazing.

Erick the King!

The next night we were over at FEST IN, in S. Joao da Madeira, Portugal. It’s a 3-day event, and who better to kick off the first night than Erick?! The big lights on site looked amazing. So many young people came out to support this event too. When Erick arrived he couldn’t believe how many people were there and hyped us all up saying, “I’m going to crush it”! And so he did. The loving fans were screaming for autographs. I did my best to get them all signed t-shirts, CDs and banners and flags! Wild stuff.

Erick and those amazing dancers

On Friday we arrived in Cannes, France. The weather was amazing and the streets were buzzing with the whisper “Erick Morillo is playing at Le Palais.” He’s been coming to play at this venue for many years, and it’s a firm favourite. As we pulled up outside, the first thing I noticed was all the sexy people flocking to the door. The club has plenty of VIP tables, with LCD panel TV monitors wrapped around the whole room. The DJ booth is smack inside the VIP section.

Le Palais dancers

As Erick arrived the crowd went insane. One guy thought he’d ‘get this party started’ and bought over 200 hundred bottles of Dom P and passed them around the dance floor. Talk about balling! Now I’ve really been around the world and back. This club also had the hottest dancers I have ever seen. Even Erick said “wow, this place is ridiculous.”

Take a look at the photos and you will see what I mean. The vibe was just sexy and Erick played sexy. One guy told me this has been the best set he has heard in a very long time again let me express my thanks to the whole staff, particularly those DANCERS! And of course all the beautiful people that showed up.

Muretto in Venice

Saturday night we were at Muretto in Venice, Italy. It’s another favourite, where the promoter calls Erick family. It’s an amazing huge one level dance club with an retractable roof in the middle of the dancefloor, so one may gaze at the stars. When I arrived I was taken aback by the opening DJ, Giuliano Veronese. He’s a 60-year-old man, but like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. This man was killing it! Electro house and very progressive. Erick told me to get there early and ask to record his set. He’d mentioned to me this guy drops bombs and he’s the resident, but I was still amazed.

Venice italy. on TwitpicVenice italy 4. on TwitpicMy water taxi driver in venice. on Twitpic

Then for what the eager Italians have been waiting for… People were chanting “Morillo, Morillo, Morillo!” How can you not smile? He played for the 4000 people who were screaming and again the Colombian flag was following us. I think people know Erick will sign it! The crowd was sooo pumped. Energy was off the chart and I can honestly say best vibe! The night had to come to an end, but the Italians chanted “one more” and Erick gave it to them. What a wonderful crowd. I can’t wait to come back. Special thanks to Tito for being very professional and his amazing staff! We departed in the dawn light by water taxi through the canals of Venice. Fantastic way to travel.

Sunday night we pushed onwards to Papagayo in St Tropez, France. This was the first time Erick had played here, so we were eager to see what this venue was all about. The capacity was about 400 people. A smaller venue, but the intimacy and the energy was ridiculous. This place was all about the VIP. People were buying magnums of Crystal and Dom. Also like about 40 people from Miami made it to St Tropez and just made Erick even more happy.

Erick walked into the booth and was instantly smiling and cracking jokes with me the entire night. Must say I even had a few glasses of Dom P myself. Erick played an amazing set. Thanks to everyone that showed up and I hope St Tropez keeps trying to build the house music scene there.

Manny – Tour Manager

Papagayo St Tropez