Diary: Sexy Spanish September

13 Sep – Pacha, Ibiza

As September starts to wind the frenzy of summer down slightly, you won’t find us taking our foot off the pedal over at Subliminal Invasion! First up on this night was Subliminal’s own DJ/producer star Denis the Menace. He just played an awesome set, dropping a bit of old and new and featuring some big hits from the Subliminal back catalogue (why by the way has just started to go up on YouTube too!)

Next up our resident of the year, Chuckie. He has amazed everyone this year, including me, and this was a great way to give him a fitting send off for our 2011 season. He set the mood lovely for the head honcho himself, Erick Morillo. He’s been playing some of the best sets this summer here at Pacha and again he had the dancefloor in a trance. Meanwhile Sunnery and Ryan, Mark Netto and Paty Eto from Setme free all squeezed into the DJ booth and we had some more of the most beautiful women on the island with us. But what do you expect?

17 Sep – Fabrik, Madrid

This is by far my favourite club in Madrid! What can you say about a 10,000 person venue, a booming system and the most amazing dancers you will ever see? Erick rocked up to the booth to see his long-time friend Fonzi smashing the dance floor. It’s always nice to see Erick smiling with his friends. Let me not fail to mention Roman F (or he will just kill me). This was just amazing night of music with some of the most energetic fans we’ve seen this summer. Erick smashed again and I had no doubt this night would be epic. Once you take a look at the photos (particularly of those sexy dancers) you will agree! Special thanks to Mat and the whole entire crew at Fabrik. I can’t wait to be back…

Manny – Tour Manager

Could 2011 Be Erick’s Biggest Ever Year?

Erick Morillo

Following a mind-blowing opening to 2011 – launching the Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas along with Jay-Z, Coldplay and others – Erick has already set the pace for the year ahead.

He’s been busy in the studio over the last couple of weeks, continuing work with fellow Subliminal Records cohorts Harry Choo Choo Romero and Jose Nunez on some house music bombs that are going to rule your summer.

“I’m working hard in the studio all this winter,” Erick tells us, ahead of another production session with Eddie Thoneick this week. “My goal is to put out my own artist LP this year, plus we’re putting the finishing touches to a separate LP from Shawnee Taylor right now too.”

Erick’s also overseeing albums coming from Denis the Menace and Richard Grey, plus 2011 also signals the return of the legendary Bambossa and Subusa labels, both part of the Subliminal family.

“There’s so much good music coming through at the moment,” enthuses Erick. “Subusa allows us to put out slightly more commercial tracks, while Bambossa is for the deep, dark ‘n dirty vocals that can also crossover.”

More info on Bambossa and Subusa

With his new residency in Las Vegas ready to explode again on Feb 5th, Morillo is to put a DJ performance on a par with the big Vegas shows for the first time, with the help of Marquee’s $3m hydraulic DJ booth and the most amazing production in the world.

“These monthly gigs are going to blow you away,” he says, “I really believe Vegas is now America’s Ibiza. It’s certainly become as important.”

With a 14th season at Pacha in Ibiza also in the pipeline, plus big international tours starting with Brazil next week, 2011 has every chance of being the most important and incredible year in Erick’s stellar career so far.

Stay tuned for all the info!

Sondos & Subliminal Pressure

Two tunes you are virtually guaranteed to hear on the world’s best house music dancefloors this weekend.

First up, Jose and Shawnee cross over to the Sondos side for ‘Believers’, a darker, more broody vocal anthem to compliment their phenominal hit ‘Yesterday’ currently doing the rounds on Subliminal.

Then ‘Spanish Hustle’ gets the customary Part 2 release, with 2 killer new mixes. Check them out in the players above, download them to show your love, and get ready for the weekend ahead. It’s sounding good already…

Download ‘Believers’

Download ‘Spanish Hustle Remixes’

Latest Subliminal Bangers

The Subliminal music machine keeps turning out its high quality product and the month of September is no exception!

Already we’ve had some massive records coming through, with plenty more lined up. Check out Chris Montana & Denis The Menace ‘Spanish Hustle’, giving a familiar sample a mainroom house treatment. It’s a huge record, with some hot remixes to follow shortly too…

Also out now is the follow up to basketball-pro-turned-house-head Rony Seikaly’s debut single for Subliminal. The new one is called ‘Let You Go’ and you can read what Rony has to say about it, plus his reaction to the success of ‘Come With Me’.

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