Erick talks about Ibiza, London and the rest of 2012

Erick Morillo is one of the busiest DJs in the world, and that is only intensified in the summer months. He leaves his home in Miami and lives in Ibiza, using it as his base for his weekly residency at Pacha and central point for gigs around Europe, while still holding a residency in the United States. We, eventually, caught up with the man himself to get the low down.

1. In general how has Subliminal at Pacha been this year compared with other years?

Amazing! Pacha Ibiza is a very special place for me. This is my 13th season at Pacha and it seems that each year keeps getting better and better. We’ve had an amazing lineup this summer, guests have included Steve Angello, Diplo, Chuckie, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Dirty South, Azari & III, Sympho Nympho, Sneaky Sound System, Shawnee Taylor & our new female vocalist, Segarra. It’s definitely been a memorable summer so far for me and I can proudly say that Subliminal is still holding it’s own amongst the heavyweights. People know what they’re getting with a Subliminal night, a sound that’s always consistent and quality house music.

Check the video for the opening party

2. What has been your favourite party?

There were a number of standout parties but above all it was great to have Steve Angello back with us. There’s a lot of history with Steve and Subliminal so it was emotional to have him back.

3. Who were your favourite residents?

I’ve really enjoyed playing with Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano. They play really sexy, deep house sets with a young, fresh edge. There’s lots of percussion and drums in their sets, we get and understand each other, and I hope they’ll be part of the Subliminal family for a long while. And of course our other summer resident Chuckie. Again, he compliments the way I play and has worked very well alongside the Subliminal vibe this summer. And needless to say Sympho Nympho – my label mates Harry Romero & Jose Nunez – are always part of the Subliminal family. It’s been a long relationship and one that still holds ground 13 years on.

4. What tracks from the Subliminal 2012 compilation have you been playing the most?

All the tracks on the compilation feature in my sets but I particularly like these at the moment:
Denis The Menace & Syke ‘N’ Sugarstarr – World In Your Hands
T3ktone – Prelude
Yanik Coen – Throw Your Hands Up

5. How big of an anthem is World In Your Hands?

Seems like it’s certainly picking up heat. It’s got everything you want from an anthem.

Listen here

6. What was it like paying at Ushuaia?

Ushuaia have been killing it this year. They’ve definitely filled the gap in the market and they’re smashing it, people love outdoor clubbing and this is what Ibiza used to be known for, daytime and outdoor clubbing. Doesn’t get much better than watching your favourite DJ while the sun goes down.

7. Did you discover anything new about Ibiza this year?

Other than new restaurants, beaches, bars that seem to be popping up all over the place, Ibiza this year has highlighted to me just how BIG dance music has become; and I see no end in sight. Whichever way you look at it, people from all walks of life wanna dance and let loose. Dance music is the green light to do so – without boundary and without judgment.

8. What was your recent trip to London like?

I have a certain soft spot for London so I always enjoy my trips to the UK. On the Friday night I was part of the LIVE House Party Broadcast on Channel 4 . That was a lot of fun and I got a great response from that. The following day Subliminal hosted a tent at SW4 festival in London. Aside from the occasional & torrential downpour of rain it was a great day. We had A-Trak, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Roger Sanchez, AN21 & Max to name a few, join us in our arena, we had a fantastic atmosphere in there all day. After that we went down the road with Sympho Nympho to Ministry of Sound and continued the party until gone 7am. Will definitely have to make more of an appearance in the UK in 2013.

Check the London video

9. What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year?

I’m looking forward to finishing the Ibiza season and getting home to Miami for a bit of normality. The summer season is always very intense. There’s a lot of work in Europe, as well as regular long haul flights back to the US for residency dates. I played back to back for 4 plus months and you can often forget where you are not least who you are. I’m certainly taking my foot off the gas for the next few months to consider 2013 plans and spend a bit of time for me.

10. You have a boat and a jet, why don’t you have a helicopter?

Haha. It’s not quite as glamorous as it seems. I do not own a jet, I rent one by the hour in the summer months. Yes, it’s a luxury and I could fly without one, but for me to do as many gigs as I do it is not physically possible to get to so many places on commercial flights. I do have a boat in Ibiza. It’s a very fast fishing boat, so again not as glamorous as it sounds. It’s great to have to whizz across to Formentera for the day. I have a lot of fun with it. It’s a great way to relax and forget about work and business for a while. As for the helicopter….you’ve given me an idea….

Pacha Ibiza Closing Party 2012



Download Erick’s live Channel 4 TV House Party Set

Erick Morillo’s live set on Channel 4’s House Party

In the past DJs have taken over warehouses, fields and derelict office blocks. On Friday 24 August, for the first time ever, we took over your TV…..

For one night only, 6 DJs and special guests took over Channel 4 for 6 hours of uninterrupted dance music. Channel 4 in the UK handed over creative control to the likes of Grand Master Flash, Annie Mac, Erick Morillo, A-Trak, Soul II Soul and Horsemeat Disco. Together with special guests Jessie Ware, Eva Simons and the latest in visual effects we celabrated our skills as DJs to a home audience. And what a fantastic night! Thanks to all the support and great feedback you’ve given so far. It was a momentous ocassion for house music!

You can listen again and download my set from the night here:

Track list:

01 – Ministers De-La-Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown – Believe (Ministers Vocal Mix)
Fingers Inc. – Can You Feel It (My House Acapella)

02 – Ministers De La Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown – Believe (HCCR 2009 Remix)
Ministers De La Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown – Believe (Acapella)

03 – Carl Kennedy feat. Cheyenne – Once Upon A Time (Original Mix)

04 – Erick Morillo, Harry “Choo Choo” Romeo & Jose Nunez feat. Jessica Eve – Dancin’ (Fuzzy Hair Remix)
Todd Terry – Reach Out Preacher (The Preacher Acapella)
Danny Tenaglia feat. Celeda – Music Is The Answer (Acapella)

05 – Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang – Reach (Little “More” Mix)

06 – Dannic – Tombo (Original Mix)
Celeda – The Underground (Acapella)
Inaya Day – Keep Pushin’ (Acapella)

07 – Gregor Salto – Azumba (Original Mix)
E-Smoove Pres. Thick Dick – Welcome 2 The Jungle (Acapella)

08 – Denis The Menace & Syke’n’Sugarstarr – World In Your Hands (Original Mix)
Superchumbo feat. Celeda – Dirty Filthy (Acapella)
The Good Men – Give It Up (Acapella)
Axwell & Dirty South feat. Rudy – Open Your Heart (Acapella)

09 – Shawnee Taylor, Denis The Menace & Sandro Monte feat. Erick Morillo ‘Love In Me’ (Original Mix)

Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire (Acapella)
Sample of a siren

10 – Mark Junior – Remedy (DJ Adhe Remix)
Masters At Work – Work (Work-A-Pella)

11 – Todd Terry – Jumpin’ (Rhythm Masters Thumpin’ Mix)
A.T.F.C. Pres. OnePhatDeeva – In And Out Of My Life (Acapella)

12 – Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick feat. Shawnee Taylor – Live Your Life (Dirty Freek Remix)
Mark Knight & Koen Groeneveld – Put Your Hands Up (Acapella)

13 – Hardwell – Three Triangles (Original Club Mix)
Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight – Finally (Acapella)

Eva Simons Live-Performance:
14 – Will.I.Am feat. Eva Simons – This Is Love (Live)

15 – Afrojack feat. Eva Simons – Take Over Control (Live)