Erick Morillo’s highlights of 2011 (..with an eye on 2012)

NYE Marquee

2011 started with a big BANG this year! It was the opening of the brand new day & night super club Marquee in Las Vegas. Anyone who’s been here will know what I’m talking about. This was a totally off the wall party, Erick was chatting with Jennifer Lopez just before his set, while Jay-Z was freestyling on the mic bigging up Coldplay, who also performed. When Erick was getting right down to party time in his set, Diddy came down to the booth to party too. This was an a-list star-studded night to ring in 2011.

New Year’s Eve photo’s by

Brazil Tour

Only a matter of weeks after the mammoth Marquee party it was the first Brazilian tour of 2011. Five cities in four days with the private jet on stand-by to take the crew from city to city. The tour started in sunny Rio at exclusive venue the Jockey Club. There were so many hot Brazilian women there with such a good vibe, it was hard for the crew to pull themselves away, but they had to leave as the jet was waiting to fly to party number two on day one, at Brasilia. This was a much smaller club, nevertheless, the people had just as much passion and energy. Erick says “Wow, what an awesome night, I’m shattered and need to get some rest before Recife tomorrow.” It was raining in Recife but that didn’t stop play. Recife partied till the sun came up, and it all happened in a boat yard! Such a cool venue. Next up was a trip the humid jungle-like atmosphere of Florianopolis and the huge Creamfields festival. The energy here was insane! There must have been sixty thousand people all going mental to Erick’s set. Steve Angello’s brother AN21 was in town and stopped by to get down. This was a truly awesome gig. The final gig of the tour was in Sao Paulo at new club Cafe de la Musique. This is where the beautiful people of Sao Paulo come to party. However, don’t just take our word for it, check the video, you won’t be disappointed.

Miami – Birthday party @ LIV & Ultra Music Festival

Birthday parties are always special, and Erick’s 40th was something very special. To DJ all night on your own birthday shows your passion for the music and bringing the party to the people. The guest list looked more like it belonged to the Grammys with A Listers like Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, Diddy, Craig David, Naomi Campbell, Caprice and Felix da Housecat amongst others turning up. Will, Diddy and Craig all took to the mic and rapped and sang to the music. Craig David sang his collaboration track with Erick ‘Fly Away’, LIV didn’t know what hit them. There was even a giant cake brought to the middle of the dance floor and out popped a beautiful woman wearing a tiara and happy birthday sash. The floor was full till daybreak! Erick rocked it!

The party did not stop there! The very next day Erick would rock out in front 50,000 people at the Ultra Music Festival. There was a live element added to the show with Shawnee Taylor, Rachel Starr and Jessica Sutta formerly of The Pussycat Dolls all singing live. The Ultra crowd were loving it. Not only that, Diddy decided to crash the party and take to the stage for an impromptu performance of gigantic proportions! The crowd were going wild! Erick played a rocking super tight set with bomb after bomb, but Diddy stole the show here. Erick was only too glad to share the stage with his superstar buddy.


Ibiza 2011 @ Pacha

Many more gigs later and the summer descends before there’s hardly time to catch a breath. The Ibiza parties at Pacha were even busier than 2010! Chuckie opened with Erick and it was the place to play for the hardcore clubbers and househeads. The people who are serious about their music and clubbing make it out for the opening parties. Chuckie plays a more housey set than his usual progressive/electro vibe then Erick follows and literally blows the roof off. One of the highlights of the season for Erick was having New York DJ legend and the DJs DJ, Danny Tenaglia. It was the first time Danny had played at a Subliminal night at Pacha and boy did he bring his super cool underground New York flavour to the club, the dance floor was jam packed right to the end of the night!, always the sign of a great DJ to keep the floor busy till the lights come up. Erick let Danny close the night on this historic occasion. The closing party was just as busy as the opening party, Shawnee Taylor sung an unbelievable PA and she rightly was the star of the show. Erick and Harry Choo Choo also played a blinder which was a fitting conclusion to a super successful season on the white isle. Again, don’t take our word for it, we have video evidence.

Videos from Ibiza 2011

Opening party with Chuckie & Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero

Danny Tenaglia at Pacha

Closing party with Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero & Shawnee Taylor


As well as all the amazing parties and festivals throughout 2011 Erick has been very busy in the studio too. I know what you’re thinking, where does he get the time right? One of the highlights this year is new project SYMPHO NYMPHO, a coming together of house production legends Erick, Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero and Jose Nunez. If that wasn’t enough they have an unbelievable line-up of guest performers on their album dropping March 2012. It features Wyclef Jean, Segarra, Pitbull, Busta Rhymes, Jessica Sutta and Dizzee Rascal. It’s packed with a ton of stars! Erick is very very excited about this album, he says “This is an amazing new sound, it’s a sound for all the kids out there, they are gonna freak when they hear this.” To get a taste of the SYMPHO NYMPHO sound check out this great new podcast featuring 48 mins of pure dance power!

SYMPHO NYMPHO Podcast 01 with Erick Morillo, Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero & Jose Nunez by SYMPHONYMPHO

February sees hot new single with UK singing star Alexandra Burke called’ Elephant’ and Erick teams up with Eddie Thoneick again with new track ‘If This Ain’t Love’ featuring Skin of Skunk Anansie. Shawnee Taylor has a new single called ‘Colours’ coming in 2012, Erick says, “This is a departure for Shawnee. It’s a whole new sound and people are really going to be blown away it. You’re going to hear Shawnee like you’ve never heard her before.” So a lot to look forward to then.

Dance music blows up in the US of A!

These new releases coincide with the massive dance movement in America right now. Historically, U.S. DJs have mostly travelled to Europe to play DJ gigs. Their careers have mostly been built on the other side of the pond. However, now it’s the European DJs coming to America for regular slots like Tiesto, Steve Angello and Swedish House Mafia . The Swedes recently turned the iconic Madison Square Gardens into a nightclub, and even followed it up with a sell-out after party at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. This is unheard of in recent times and will set a precedent for other acts to follow. Even the Canadians like Deadmau5 are selling out huge shows five nights in a row. Kaskade is now producing more progressive music and taking Vegas by storm. Erick says “these are really exciting times for dance music in America. 2012 is going to be even bigger than 2011. What the Swedes have done at MSG, and festivals like Ultra, EDC and Burning Man, people in America are going dance music crazy! It feels great. It’s so exciting.”

Personal Life – A time to chill

After working so hard through 2011 Erick is going to take a well-deserved week vacation in the sunshine paradise of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. It would be rude to go alone, so he’s taking no less than nineteen Morillo’s with him! “I’m taking my whole family away with me for Christmas. There will be nineteen Morillo’s on the scene, and it’s going to be like the Olympics every day, hahaha”. Well it’s hats off and swimming shorts on for Erick as we wish him well for the holiday period. And if what we’ve heard thus far about 2012 is anything to go by, 2012 is going to be even bigger than 2011.

Happy holidays from Erick, SYMPHO NYMPHO and all at Subliminal Records.

Words: Nick Navaro

Erick Morillo Brazil Tour 2011 part 2

10 Nov 2011: Praia, Rio De Janeiro

Braaaaazzziiiiiilllll!!! After a long hiatus and definitely long overdue, we were back to one of our favourite continents in the world, South America. Where the people are as passionate as they are beautiful. Rio is a place that really attracts the beautiful people, which seemed to be everywhere. This was our first time at this venue, so we amped to get our tour in motion. I walked into the club to find myself in a dark underground scene as Erick was escorted into the DJ booth. As always the Brazilian fans went bonkers. Erick was dropping bomb after bomb and the dance floor was insane. This was a great night with some small technical issues, but overall it was great start to our 5 gig tour. Roll on the next…

Photo credit: Ari Kayeo

11 Nov 2011: Gran Stella Maris, Salvador

Day 2 of our tour brings us to a hotel resort, boasting a weekend electronic music festival. Who else to bring to this hotel crashing down but yours truly Erick Morillo. This place has a HUGE sound system, amazing lighting show and a LED wall that showcased our video intro in grand form. Erick was escorted inside like a prized fighter, ready to tear the walls down. He started his set with an upper cut to the head with underground monster “Ministers De La Funk – Gravy” out on Subliminal. The crowd went insane and this was the scene all night. Special thanks to all that showed up. Braaaaazzzziiillll!!!

12 Nov 2011: Beach Club Bahai, Trancoso

We reached the home stretch of our tour. Day 3 brings us smack into the jungle. This was our first time here and I was engaged by the scenery. We travelled thru the jungle to find ourselves in a beautiful beach club. Erick arrived early to be greeted by our boy Pete Tha Zouke and Didio who was the organiser of this amazing party. Before you blinked your eyes, Erick was on the decks. He played a sexy set to scores of amazingly hot sexy brazilian women. I can’t begin to tell how many times I fell in love this night. Erick played for hours and it seemed like the night passed in minutes. Time always goes by quick when you’re having fun but this was crazy. I’m sure this crowd will remember the party for months to come.

13 Nov 2011: Green Valley, Santa Catarina

This is by far my most favorite venue in the world! It boasts a huge stage over looking a dance floor packed with some the most enthusiastic fans. I mean the fans here have this huge energy, they really know how to party hard. There’s a great sound system and some of the best lighting money can buy.  

Erick rocked up to the stage eager to get his night started. He leaned over to me and said “Manny you ready?” and BOOM! he dropped his first track! I’m still getting goosebumps from the memories of the crowd jumping up and down! This place was packed with the hottest and most sexiest women alive, I’m not even joking. The best of all is they were blowing me kisses. I can’t wait to return again and special thanks to all that showed up. Braaaazzziiiiiillll!!!!

Photo credit: Adriel Douglas

14 Nov 2011: Sirena, Sao Paulo

In my opinion this was the best party of the tour! Yes, even topped Green Valley, but this is a different animal. I’ve been here before and it still has that underground feeling. There was a traffic jam at least a mile long! All to see their hero, Erick Morillo. Erick was escorted into the DJ booth, to find himself in a room packed with his most loyal fans. A truly amazing selection of music this evening and Erick just fed off that Brazilian energy. I have to say again these smaller venues are what I crave for. Brazil witnessed yet again why he is considered the BEST.


Photo credit: Leonardo Reis

Loads more pics of the whole tour

Words: Tour manager: Manny Zelaya

Video: Erick’s Non-Stop Brazilian Tour

Another fantastic glimpse into the lifestyle of Erick Morillo for you today with this new video from his recent 5 gigs in 4 nights tour of Brazil.

Features current and forthcoming Subliminal and Bambossa tracks:

  • – Harry Choo Choo Romero feat. Trey Lorenz – Is This Time Goodbye (I Gotta Move On) (Dub)
  • – Rony Seikaly – Let You Go (Patrick M Remix)
  • – Harry Choo Choo Romero feat. Trey Lorenz – Is This Time Goodbye (I Gotta Move On) (Original)
  • – Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick feat. Shawnee Taylor – Live Your Life (Bills & Hurr Remix)
  • – Rony Seikaly – The World is Beautiful (Main Mix)
  • – Harry Choo Choo Romero & Erick Morillo – Pa Ra Ra (Shake)
  • For more info on all the tracks, visit

    Diary: Back to Sexy Brazil

    20th Jan – Jockey Club, Rio de Janeiro

    Its been a few months since the last time we were in Rio and Erick was really excited to play there again. This party was held in the VIP section of a famous horse track. When I arrived at the venue this place was packed… and me not fail to mention it was only 6pm in the evening. There must have been at least 2,000 people on the dance floor. When Erick arrived he was all smiles, and can you blame him?!

    Rio Girls

    This was a quickie gig, but that was actually what made it work best. Erick played his heart out for the 2 hours he was on stage and really gave the crowd everything he had. When he dropped ‘Live Your Life’ well, let’s just say the crowd knew the song word-for-word. Special thanks to all the sexy Rio crew who showed up and we will see you all soon.

    Moema Club, Brasilia

    No time to rest! Round 2 all in the first day of our Brazilian tour took us to Brasilia. As we arrived at the venue it was rammed packed with some of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen. The DJ booth was super cool as well, set on a hydraulic lift so the whole booth could go up and down. Perfect for Erick so he can see the crowd better, which he loves.

    Erick climbed into the booth and started playing like true master musician. The crowd sang ‘Live Your Life’ – I must say everyone in Brazil loves this song! One sweet young lady even took her own necklace off with the Brazilian flag and gave it to Erick. The people were just top notch and Erick gave them all what they expected – a night they would never forget.

    21st Jan 21: Club Neval, Reciffe

    Day 2 of our Brazilian tour was a wet one. The party was being held at a marina, so exposed to all the elements – those elements mainly being rain! What an amazing stage they set up, with a stellar sound system. As Erick was escorted to the stage umbrellas all came out for him. I mean, it was seriously pouring! Despite all this rain, loyal fans packed the dancefloor and Erick gave them a show to make it all worthwhile.

    He plated some amazing new tracks that will be out in the next few months on Subliminal Records and carried on until 6am and the place was still rammed. By this time the rain had stopped. The girls looked like they had been in a wet t-shirt competition. I’m sure all the guys loved that! Special thanks to all that endured that terrible weather. It was a party to remember.

    22 Jan: Creamfields, Balneario

    Creamfields always put on a great show, wherever it is held in the world and today was no different. This Festival was sold out weeks ago, so tonight would be over 15,000 people and you could tell this crowd was amped up!

    Again the rain the followed us, but again it really didn’t matter in the dancefloor. Tonight Erick walked on stage and the crowd just let out a roar “Er-ick Er-ick Er-ick!” I was just taken back by all the love I was seeing.

    Creamfields Brazil

    Again Erick played some secret tracks only he has and from the crowd reactions it seems like they loved what they were hearing. AN21 was on stage with us pumping his fist in the air and so was his tour manager. What a massive festival and what an amazing crowd.

    23 Jan: Cafe de La Musica, San Pedro

    Our final day brought us to Sao Paulo. We were playing on a beach resort about 2hrs outside of the city, so I was excited to get this day started. When we arrived this place was already in party mode. Phew, I couldn’t believe the stream of the sexiest women too. You look to the left, to the right, take a little look behind: hot, hotter and most sizzling girls surrounded us on all sides!

    Erick arrived and so many people had t-shirts to be signed, Voodoo Night canes. Girls were forming human pyramids. It was so sick to see. This had to be the best show of the whole tour. As I like to say “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!” Like to say special thanks to Jose Manso, Didio and all that came out tonight and made this a memorable tour of the mighty Braaaasiiiiil!

    Manny – Tour Manager