12 May 2008: Back once again with the ill behaviour..

Erick Morillo blasts back in to the world of Subliminal Sessions Compilations with the TWELTH INSTALMENT of his ground breaking Mix CD Series.The 12th Volume comes out of the speakers with a freshness of tomorrow and a respectful wink to the past..

Strictly classics make the grade all over again with the inclusion of “Reach/Lil Mo Ying Yang” and “Follow Me/Aly-us”…Erick’s current crop of vinyls take us to the future with, ironically, a brand new anthem titled “Back to My Roots/Denis the Menace” and “Morillo/Harry/Alex & P Diddy/Make A Movie”.

Erick scours the four corners of the world to bring  you  the ultimate underground club anthems from around the globe.

These tracks only he has in his box, or lets just say when Erick hits them they sound like nothing anybody else is playing  not to mention the sexiest compilation around ….fresh fresh fresh…Mixed in true Morillo style, “its party and yet its got an underground twist”, Erick uses his unique box of tricks and his seriously amazing DJ skills.

Erick Morillo is the King of House, Long Live the King…..Subliminal Sessions 12 ….and still counting baby….