Two more big releases on Sondos here. Erick’s darker, trackier label goes from strength to strength this month with killer new music from some of the best artists in the game.

First up comes ‘It’s Over Now’, a vocal take on the Sondos blueprint, brought to you by a dream team of producers who all added their own talents to the final mixdown. Read the latest interview with Lee Kalt.

Then Jose Nunez teams up with Pedro Pons, a producer known from the early days of Sondos, for the extremely tasty ‘Whatever Happened To That Sound’.

The track pays homage to the dirty twisted music of New York’s clubbing history, with a thoroughly modern twist. Jose Nunez expalins how the track came about.

Both tracks are available to download now through the players above and are currently doing damage to dancefloors worldwide. Jump on the Sondos express, straight to the heart of the party…