19 Nov 2011: Oro, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

This was our first time here in Punta Cana and this was the grand opening of Oro. As you can imagine we were very pleased to get this party started! Arriving at the venue I could not help to see so many familiar faces. Everyone we know on the club scene from LA, Miami and Las Vegas was in the house. This venue boasted a huge LED wall an amazing Funktion One sound system and one of the best lighting shows I’ve seen to date. Erick rocked up to the dj booth to find himself in a room eager to explode! Erick smashed this set playing some of his own production and from the crowds reaction it was very well received. I say it all the time Erick feeds off the energy of all his friends in the dj booth and tonight was no exception. This was amazing night from beginning to end. I look forward in returning and special thanks David Grutman and his entire team. You guys keep throwing some of the best parties and now you can add Oro, Punta Cana to your resume.

23 Nov 2011: Pacha, NYC

In the club world this date marks as one of busiest nights other than NYE. No matter what, this night had EPIC written all over it. Pacha was billing this party as Erick Morillo Vs Danny Tenaglia! Wow two house music legends underneath one roof. I can’t begin to tell you how packed Pacha was by midnight. I mean the lines of clubbers outside were wrapped around the corner. I walked into the dj booth to find Cevin Fisher warming up the dance floor very nicely. Before you knew it there was a blackout and Erick’s intro began. The crowd went into a frenzy when they saw Erick. We gave Pacha a special treat this evening. Shawnee Taylor stopped by and she graced us all with her beautiful voice. She sang Stronger and Live Your Life. This was going to be a night to remember. Erick played an awesome set but the night was still young. Next up house legend and New York’s own Danny T! I thought this roof was going to blow. Danny started his set with some strong hits and true to Danny form, took it old school. Danny T told a story tonight that New York City will be talking about for weeks to come. So many people stopped by to say hello, here’s a few- Boris, Lord, Jason Strauss, Max Vangeli, Victor Calderon and of course all the lovely ladies, that some how still get passed me every time. Special thanks to Eddie, Dean and Rob Fernandez and of course all the fans that stayed till the end.

26 Nov 2011: LIV, Miami Beach FL

No better place to come and end an amazing week of parties. We headed back down South to Miami. LIV has now been nominated best club in the USA. All I can say is this place brings out the best of Erick and tonight would be no different! As I approached the club I could not believe how many people were outside waiting to get in. I mean it was only 11 pm in the evening. Erick made his entrance to find the DJ booth packed with all his friends and the hottest women in Miami. Erick started his set with a bang and the night would continue like this bomb after bomb! Our boy Chuckie stopped by and what a treat the fans got this evening. Erick and Chuckie went back to back for the last hour or so. This was a treat to watch and night to remember for ages! Special thanks to David Grutman, the entire LIV family and of course all the fans. See you all soon!

Words: Tour manager: Manny Zelaya