10 Nov 2011: Praia, Rio De Janeiro

Braaaaazzziiiiiilllll!!! After a long hiatus and definitely long overdue, we were back to one of our favourite continents in the world, South America. Where the people are as passionate as they are beautiful. Rio is a place that really attracts the beautiful people, which seemed to be everywhere. This was our first time at this venue, so we amped to get our tour in motion. I walked into the club to find myself in a dark underground scene as Erick was escorted into the DJ booth. As always the Brazilian fans went bonkers. Erick was dropping bomb after bomb and the dance floor was insane. This was a great night with some small technical issues, but overall it was great start to our 5 gig tour. Roll on the next…

Photo credit: Ari Kayeo

11 Nov 2011: Gran Stella Maris, Salvador

Day 2 of our tour brings us to a hotel resort, boasting a weekend electronic music festival. Who else to bring to this hotel crashing down but yours truly Erick Morillo. This place has a HUGE sound system, amazing lighting show and a LED wall that showcased our video intro in grand form. Erick was escorted inside like a prized fighter, ready to tear the walls down. He started his set with an upper cut to the head with underground monster “Ministers De La Funk – Gravy” out on Subliminal. The crowd went insane and this was the scene all night. Special thanks to all that showed up. Braaaaazzzziiillll!!!

12 Nov 2011: Beach Club Bahai, Trancoso

We reached the home stretch of our tour. Day 3 brings us smack into the jungle. This was our first time here and I was engaged by the scenery. We travelled thru the jungle to find ourselves in a beautiful beach club. Erick arrived early to be greeted by our boy Pete Tha Zouke and Didio who was the organiser of this amazing party. Before you blinked your eyes, Erick was on the decks. He played a sexy set to scores of amazingly hot sexy brazilian women. I can’t begin to tell how many times I fell in love this night. Erick played for hours and it seemed like the night passed in minutes. Time always goes by quick when you’re having fun but this was crazy. I’m sure this crowd will remember the party for months to come.

13 Nov 2011: Green Valley, Santa Catarina

This is by far my most favorite venue in the world! It boasts a huge stage over looking a dance floor packed with some the most enthusiastic fans. I mean the fans here have this huge energy, they really know how to party hard. There’s a great sound system and some of the best lighting money can buy.  

Erick rocked up to the stage eager to get his night started. He leaned over to me and said “Manny you ready?” and BOOM! he dropped his first track! I’m still getting goosebumps from the memories of the crowd jumping up and down! This place was packed with the hottest and most sexiest women alive, I’m not even joking. The best of all is they were blowing me kisses. I can’t wait to return again and special thanks to all that showed up. Braaaazzziiiiiillll!!!!

Photo credit: Adriel Douglas

14 Nov 2011: Sirena, Sao Paulo

In my opinion this was the best party of the tour! Yes, even topped Green Valley, but this is a different animal. I’ve been here before and it still has that underground feeling. There was a traffic jam at least a mile long! All to see their hero, Erick Morillo. Erick was escorted into the DJ booth, to find himself in a room packed with his most loyal fans. A truly amazing selection of music this evening and Erick just fed off that Brazilian energy. I have to say again these smaller venues are what I crave for. Brazil witnessed yet again why he is considered the BEST.


Photo credit: Leonardo Reis

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Words: Tour manager: Manny Zelaya