Tonight’s Subliminal Invasion party at Pacha in Ibiza is particularly special, as we welcome one of the true masters of the art of DJing to join us.

Danny Tenaglia is renowned for being ‘the DJ’s DJ’ so it’s not just the clubbers who are looking forward to coming to hear him play at our party later.

“I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s special party with the one and only Danny Tenaglia all summer,” says Erick. “I was so pleased when we managed to book him for Subliminal Invasion at Pacha this year.”

He continues, “The two of us don’t get to play together much, but we both have a long history in the same locations – from Ibiza to New York and Miami, so I know this is going to be a party for all the real house music lovers. Danny seems even more excited about tonight than me, so the energy is gonna be off the scale!”

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