15 Oct – Club 466, West Orange, NJ

We were already very excited to be in New Jersey and was our first time here at Club 466 too. I could not wait to see what everyone was talking about and we got into venue to be WOWED! This club was absolutely amazing. High ceiling, big sound system and a great lighting show.

This place was packed by 11pm and let me mention it packed about 1,000 people. Erick walked into the DJ booth to be greeted by some of his most beloved friends. Rob Fernandez, Eddie Dean (Owner of Pacha NYC) just to name a few. Erick rocked the house as he has been doing all summer long. This was a 2-hour set or as we like to call it a quickie! Special thanks to all that showed up. See you all at Pacha NYC in 30mins!

15 Oct – Pacha, NYC

As we crossed the Hudson River via the Lincoln Tunnel we had no time rest, as all of New York was waiting for Erick at Pacha NYC. The lines were around the corner to welcome their hometown hero Erick Morillo. I walked into the DJ booth our very own Antranig was completely rocking the dance floor.

Without hesitation the lights were blacked out and Erick’s massive intro took place. BOOM! Erick started to rock the house! Erick was great spirits his whole entire family was in attendance! The crowd was so amped up, hands were in the air, heads were bopping. Girls were on top of their guys shoulders to get a better peak of Erick.

We had a few notables in the booth tonight including Cevin Fisher, Mark Alston, A21, Sebjak, A-Trak and my boy Carl Kennedy. Erick played an amazing set and one the NYC faithful will not forget. He played till 10:30am, so those who stayed till the end got a very special treat. Some of the best house music! See you all soon back in the City.

(Photography: Rodolfo Lamaestra)

(Photography: Naomi Castillo)

Manny – Tour Manager