We were playing in Las Vegas for the Memorial Day holiday, and as always this is a monster weekend in Sin City. That was even more the case with Erick headlining at Tao for a marathon set on the Sunday night.

This kind of big occasion brings the best out of Erick. The beautiful women, big lights, big sound and wild enthusiasm of the crowd. So Erick brings it hard and long (9 hours!) just the way the crowd likes it. As he was escorted to the DJ booth it was like Moses parting of the seas! Fans just wanting to touch their beloved DJ and going wild in appreciation. Patrick M had warmed things up during the first part of the night perfectly, and now we were all set for the main event.

As EM started his set, 7 hot dancers from Tao came out on stage with flash cards spelling M.O.R.I.L.L.O. Erick – the ham that he is – absolutely loved it. So many people were in there, from Paris Hilton (who twittered about the great time she was having) to Brian Timmons and his posse of ladies, that we heard was like 40 women strong! Jason and Noah stopped by, as did Sharam and Cedric Gervias. Lee Kalt was shooting great videos as always.

It was great to see so so many people turn out for our last night in the States before the summer gets underway. Erick played his usual extended set, but like all good things, it must come to an end – it’s just that this end was at 9am Monday morning. Thanks go out to Omar Galeano, James Rush and the entire staff at Tao for their professionalism. We’ll be back with you guys after a little matter of Ibiza…

On arriving on the island, our first impressions were that the streets were buzzing and the whole vibe of the place was already on fire. At lunch on the beach, we overheard some girl’s conversation about “I can’t wait to get dirty tonight.” Don’t really know what that meant, but she was hot and it certainly built the right atmosphere for the opening of our wicked Voodoo Nights party…

To kick things off right for Subliminal’s weekly Wednesdays at Pacha, Erick was playing back to back with Steve Angello for the opening night, and it felt like a main event in boxing match. Carl Kennedy opened up for the boys and as always, he rocked it. Then Steve played hard and Erick played sexy and that combination was a dancefloor time bomb that built up to explode frequently.

So many people came to say hello to Erick and Steve which made that DJ booth even more crazy than usual. Our Subliminal apparel looked amazing on the hot sexy ladies of Pacha, while the new décor, from the skull chandelier to our voodoo doll all looked great. Meanwhile the witch doctor was in full effect this evening and he had every one in a full-on ‘Erick Morillo trance’!

The night was full of energy, you could just feel waves of heat coming from the dance floor, so a great start for the summer ahead. The only problem was that it all flew by really quickly. As things came to an end, all Erick had to say was “wow, what a great night” and Steve was beaming about what an amazing time he’d had too. We’re already really looking forward to this coming Wednesday with Juan Kidd and Rob Marmot. If you’re in Ibiza, all roads lead to Pacha.