Diddy Does Subliminal Sessions at Pacha

The streets and beaches of Ibiza were buzzing all of Wednesday with excitement. Everywhere you could hear ‘Diddy and Erick Morillo…Tonight…Pacha.’ Erick spent all day listening to music and kept letting me know he had his magical powers ready to unleash on Voodoo Nights.

As we arrived at the club, the lines were heavy outside with a lot of pushing going on to get in. You can certainly tell this is August on the island. Inside was no different – the dancefloor was rammed from left to right.

Voodoo Nights

Andy Baxter opened and set the tone perfectly, followed by Carl Kennedy who has been rocking Ibiza all summer. Then news spread that P. Diddy and Erick Morillo were in the building, and all the excitement from the day boiled over into a proper Voodoo frenzy.

Diddy took to the stage right in the middle of the sea of cameras and cheering faces. He is such a true showman, he worked the crowd in an instant. He had them ‘throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care.’ Wow, the man still has it! He smashed it, performing his hit track ‘Hello Good Morning’, classics like ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ and even ending up on Sinatra’s ‘New York New York’.

Diddy Does Pacha

People were loving it, taking pictures and calling friends and holding up their mobile phones so they could hear the music. Wild. It was a star-studded night too, of course. Jude Law and Sienna Miller stayed dancing right until the end. Roger Sanchez dropped by as did Dennis Ferrer. Richard Grey was in the house and the Stafford brothers made it all the way from Australia. Even Diddy managed to squeeze into the packed DJ booth during Erick’s set. What a night. I’m sure the fans won’t ever forget this party, and neither will Ibiza.

Erick and Eddie Thoneick made a special bootleg of ‘Hello Good Morning’ especially for the night. Erick has so far only handed it out to a few key DJs, but now he’s offering it as a free download to all you fans as a big thankyou. Get it here!

New Erick Morillo logo on the jet

At the weekend we flew back to Portugal for a huge festival at Manta Beach in Portimao. The festival is held right on a beach, and when I heard over 4,000 crazed young people were going to attend we were just stoked and ready for this show to start!

Portugal’s own Pete Tha Zouk opened up for Erick. If you don’t know who he his you should! The man is on fire in Brazil and in Portugal. He’s like a household name around these parts.

Then Erick walked on the big stage and from the very moment he touched the CDJs it was a simply electrifying show. There were plenty of Erick Morillo visuals all over the place. And you know he liked seeing his name up in big lights.

Manta Beach, Portugal

The man has been in the lab and making music all summer long. These fans are just reaping the benefits of all his hard work. You could tell this crowd had not heard the tracks Erick was dropping on them this evening, but the energy was just insane. Plenty of bombs to look forward to on Subliminal, then. We would like to say thank you to Jose Manso and his crew for bringing us, and of course you fantastic fans!

Next night we hit KU in Benidorm, Spain. As we approached the venue I could not help notice it looked very like a space ship! How cool is that? This venue is just awesome. It has an outside pool area and the sound system inside is a killer. Capacity is around 3,000 people, with the DJ booth smack on the dance floor. There were a lot of Italians in the house and I knew this night was going to be massive.

KU, Benidorm

Erick walked into the building and all you heard was “NAPOLI! NAPOLI! NAPOLI! NAPOLI!” I mean, we are in Spain but the Italians took over! There was so much energy. Fans were throwing their hands around and again the Colombian flag showed up once more. You know Erick signed it! He was on top form again this evening and the promoter, Paty, screamed at me “wow Manny, Erick is the man!” That pretty much sums it up for me. This was an amazing show with great vibes. Erick loved it at KU! Special thanks to everyone who turned out and to Paty and her professional staff at KU.

Manny – Tour Manager