13 Aug – Extrema Festival, Belgium

This was the first time Extrema landed in Belgium so we were very excited to be a part of it. We landed and immediately noticed it was completely pouring with rain. No need to be concerned though, Erick was headlining the event and no rain nor sleet can prevent Erick from making his fans happy.

What amazing time we had here. Everyone was dancing and grooving and I must say these fans were very energetic and no matter the conditions! I know everyone had an amazing time. Big ups to Nicky Romero for stopping by and showing us some love. Special thanks to Bas and his amazing crew.

13 Aug – Muretto, Venice

We jumped in the jet and then onto a water taxi for the second gig of the day. I was amped up to return to Muretto as I simply knew it was going to be nuts. As we rocked up to the DJ booth the whole place was jumping and for good cause. Our friend and resident DJ Guiseppe was just lacing the crowd with sexy tech house. What more can you ask from a man that is 62 years young and still gets the party moving?!

Erick walked into the booth and OMG! The hyped up crowd went into a total frenzy! Napoli smack smack smack Napoli smack smack smack! The energy was thru the roof! Like we all know Erick just feeds off this energy. I had some people showing off their Subliminal tattoos and one guy had Erick’s face tattooed on his forearm. Now that’s love! This was an amazing night and its one club I really look forward to returning to. Special thanks to Tito Pinto and his staff, keep up the good work!

14 Aug – Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos

This was our second time backt this amazing club in less than a month, so we knew just what to expect. Big sound and a Subliminal Invasion to remember. Erick walked in to the venue to be greeted by some of the most beloved fans out there. Again, Erick was all smiles and for good reason. So many friends were in attendance. Helen Coates, Erick manager was there with friends who just love Erick. This was another great night with many humorous moments. Yet again our head honcho played till the end, that being 8am with the sun shining down on us! Special thanks to Stathis and all that showed up. See you all next year, or in Ibiza during our final few weeks of this season.

15 Aug – Prince, Riccione

This evening was going to be massive, as Erick Morillo playing alongside Roger Snachez – what a double header! I arrived a bit earlier than usual as I wanted to hear Roger rip it up and he sure did. He gave the crowd a bit of everything before passing the reigns over to Erick. The crowd went absolutely bonkers. “Erick Morillo , Erick Morillo , Erick Morillo!” I get goose bumps all the time when I think about this evening. This was truly a memorable evening. Special thanks to Angels of Love, Roger Sanchez, Jermaine (Roger’s tour Manager) and all the fans that showed so much love!

17 Aug – Pacha, Ibiza

This night had all the makings of an epic evening with Erick Morillo and Danny Tenaglia playing together for the first time. The island was still buzzing from Danny T playing at Ushuaia the week before with Nicole Moudaber for a 100% classics party so Pacha was very busy. Andy Baxter warmed up the crowd the way a true professional would do.

Next up Mr Erick Morillo, who decided to play before Danny Tenaglia out of respect for a legend! Erick played an amazing set with a fresh vibe and set DT up lovely. Home stretch now belonged to the incomparable Danny T. He played a set that to this moment, I’m still like wowowow! Oh my god this was one of the best sets in Pacha’s history. As Danny put it, he told his story in 2hrs and he gave the fans an epic movie. Special thanks to Danny, Kevin Mchugh, Benny Soto and the whole family at Pacha and of course the fans who stayed till the end. Which was 7:20am watching a legend play from his heart for them all.

18 Aug – Country Club, Sardinia

This was our second time here and I knew from before that the hottest ladies would be out to hear Erick play. I walked into the venue and the placed was mobbed with some of the most beautiful people ever. However this venue has got to be among the hottest and most uncomfortable places we’ve ever played. It was so hot inside that I almost passed out. Erick was a true trooper and played his heart out in some of the worst conditions ever. A true professional and something I will always admire. His fans did not seem to mind though – they we’re having a great, if extremely hot and sweaty, night.

19 Aug – Le Secuderie, Calabro, Italy

This was an outdoor event, smack in the middle of a park. You can’t even imagine how many Italians knew my name?! I guess they follow me on Facebook. Erick was escorted to the stage by Enzino and they were cracking jokes as always. Erick started his with his new track with Craig David, ‘Get Drunk Up’, and the crowd could not get enough! The laser show was absolutely amazing too. Another great show put together by Angels of Love.

20 Aug – Dolce Vita, Salerno, Italy

This has to be one of my favourite places of the summer. Picture this: on a beach, full moon, 10,000 screaming Italians and girls skinny-dipping in the ocean! Erick was escorted to the stage and all I can say is that the stage shook from the crowds reaction to the arrival of the man of the hour. People were wearing Erick Morillo t-shirts, others were waving the Colombian flag. I think people know if you bring that flag, Erick will sign it. This was another great show to end the summer with. Angels of Love, I’m gonna miss you guys. I can’t wait to see you all next summer for more amazing parties…

24 Aug – Pacha, Ibiza

This summer has been amazing for us on Wednesdays. We’ve had so much talent and tonight would be no different. First up our boy Funkagenda who I must say is such a tech guy. He was DJing using Abelton Live, 2 iPads and midi controller. What an awesome display of music and production. Next up was Subliminal’s own Harry Romero. What can you say about him? He played a very tribal set, with some vocals, just the way the fans like it.

Finally the man himself, Erick Morillo, who has been toying with some new sounds of late and also throwing in some classics that only he has in his music library. Again Erick pushed the limits and wrapped it up at 7:20am! A few notables stopped by including the Brazilian soccer champ Ronaldo and of course all the beautiful ladies. Special thanks to all that showed up and remember, you guys are the ones that keep that party going!

25 Aug – Gotha Club, Cannes, France

From the moment we arrived at this hot new Cannes club I kept say to myself wow, wow, WOW! This place was full of such sexy people! Erick walked in and the big intro began. The club went crazy and Erick feeds off that energy. He played an amazing set and with good reason. He’s been doing his homework! The dancers here this evening were some of the sexiest women I’ve seen this year. The sound system was improved in the booth so my ears are still ringing. We had our own Helen Coates visiting us again. Helen, I had a great time with you! Special thanks to the entire crew at Gotha, especially Midori!

Manny – Tour Manager

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