Jul 20 – Pacha, Ibiza

Tonight the Invasion begins with our own Jose Nunez playing some of his big anthems and secret tracks not yet released on Subliminal. He had the club grooving and most of all he set the tempo perfectly for the night.

Kaskade is one of my most favorite American producers and he stayed true to form. He played vocals and his famous track ‘Angel on my Shoulder’ before head invader Erick Morillo took over. His sets have been so on point this summer, and there were plenty of vocals in the mix tonight. By 7am everyone who was left was beaming at another classic Subliminal Wednesday in Pacha.

Jul 21 – W Club, Athens, Greece

What a sexy VIP club this was. I mean, where else do they even know the tour managers name? Yes as I walked in, people were yelling my name all over the place! Here in Athens the woman are amazing!

Now this was our first time here in Athens in a very long time. Also it was the first time Erick had played this particular venue, so everyone was very excited. Erick walked into the club and the crowd went ballistic.

Sparklers were lit, air horns were being used, a huge Erick Moriilo banner was opened. Erick turned to me and said “wow they are real noisy!” I have to agree and this night continued amazing from start to finish. Special thanks to everyone that showed up and W club for putting together an evening Erick and I will not forget.

Jul 22 – Rock in Rome, Rome, Italy

It’s always a great experience when we work with Angels of Love. Today would be no different, with Erick playing alongside Jamiroquai on the giant stage at Rock in Rome. Let me tell you this place was rammed with at least 10,000 people by 10pm. Jamiroquai’s performance was amazing and he had the crowd in a trance. A tough act to follow as Erick Tweeted just before he was about to go on. He needn’t have worried though, the crowd was chanting his name. He dropped ‘Stronger’ and everyone is catching on to this now, creating a vibe that will be spoken about for months to come. Special thanks to Angels Of Love, Peppe,Rosario and Enzino.

Jul 23 – Tsunami, Sardinia, Italy

This was my first time in Sardinia, so I was very excited to see the venue, which was an intimate outdoor nightclub with a big room sound and plenty of VIPs. As Erick was escorted to the gig you could see he had his game face on. He played an amazing set and all I keep hearing is that Erick is the man when it comes to house music. I must agree, no one can touch Erick when he’s on fire like this. Special thanks again to Angel of Love. You keep the party rocking!

Jul 24 – Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos

This was Erick’s first time back at this famous venue in over 7 years and we were very excited to see the new upgrades. One thing was instantly clear – the sound system was the biggest upgrade. This place was jammed packed with the some of the most eager fans I’ve seen. Erick walked into the booth and it was just an awesome sight to see all the fans yell and go nuts. Even the promoter Stathis was choked up as his hero had returned to where he belonged in his eyes. This is a proper exciting club with VIP and a massive pool on the dancefloor. Everyone, and I mean everyone, knew the words to ‘Stronger’ here. One of the highlights of the event was the sunrise – just amazing. What can I say I have the most amazing job in the world. Special thanks to Stathis and his amazing staff at Cavo Paradiso.

Jul 27 – Pacha, Ibiza

Back from jetting around Europe all week we were at our home Pacha Ibiza. As we enter August tonight the line-up was immense. First up was Markus Binapfl who just rocked it the only way he know how. Must say Markus I loved that fedora you are wearing too! Next up was Subliminal resident Chuckie. He has amazed me this year. He just knows how to read a crowd, playing some amazing tunes that Dirty Dutch sound which is contagious. Chuckie you’re killing it!

The Erick Morillo finished things off. What can I say about the boss after a solid week of amazing gigs? Just that he continues to surprise with his musical selection – every night has a different flavour, he doesn’t let the clubbers down. Again all the beautiful ladies were in the house. There’s one who caught my eye – she knows who she is!

Jul 28 – Gotha Club, Cannes, France

This was our first time at this new venue in Cannes, which has been pulling in the biggest name DJs in the world since it opened and has a very sexy, VIP-driven vibe. You have LED lights streaming through the entire club. Erick entered the venue and people were screaming “Live Your Life!”. Erick continues to play like a legend each night and his smile captivates everyone in the room. We had some amazing dancers this evening (I can’t stop thinking of one). Amazing energy and love in Cannes.

Jul 29 – Via Notte, Corsica, France

Ohhhh myyyy oood!!! I can’t get enough of DJ Dove. I always love to come here. The energy is through the roof and the girl dancers are ridiculous so I knew we were in for a big night. Erick was hushed like a prize fighter. The crowd was parted and there you see Erick walking into his ring… the DJ booth. They had just installed a new sound system and it was unreal!

Jul 30 – Expofacic, Leiria, Portugal

Billboards were up all over Portugal as Erick Morillo and James Blunt were in concert together. This event was sold out for weeks. I arrived to hear James Blunt singing his big hits and he had all the ladies singing along with him. I’m still getting chills thinking about when everyone lit their lighters and raised their cell phones. Erick rocked up the stage and a big roar let loose by all the fans. Erick played “Stronger” everyone sang along.

Even James Blunt came out to say hello to Erick and the crowd let out another roar. There were over 20,000 people in attendance and all of them seemed to have a great night. This was by far the biggest music event of it’s kind in Portugal in a very long time. Special thanks to Jose Manso for bringing us out here. James Blunt Im now a bigger fan!

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Manny – Tour Manager