DJ Chuckie is long time player in the game of House Music. He is the leader of the Dirty Dutch sound, and earned his respected House Music striped over many years of playing and producing quality music. He’s one of the resident DJs at Subliminal Session at Pacha Ibiza for the 2012 season. We caught up with him and picked his brains with a few interesting questions.

1. How does it feel to be the Subliminal resident at Pacha Ibiza?

It’s an amazing feeling. I have been a fan of Subliminal and Erick for a long time now and it is a real honour to be welcomed into their family. The fact it is in Ibiza makes it even better. Last year’s Subliminal events were of the chain, as was the opening party this year. It’s gonna be a great summer As I will get to develop my residency for Subliminal.

2. How long have you been a fan of Subliminal?

For a long time now. I would say I first got into them around 1999. They’ve had so many great people involved right from the start. Plus, their events are always amazing. They really know how to do it!!

3. What are the similarities between the Subliminal & Dirty Dutch sound?

Each sound has similarities and differences to each other but I guess I would say that something that ties them together is the party atmosphere that runs throughout both camps. Both want to make everybody have a lot of fun …. And both manage it every single time.

4. Apart from Ibiza, where else is your favourite place to DJ in the world?

I’m lucky to play in a lot of amazing places. Everybody knows that America is kicking off right now and that’s something I’m really enjoying. Vegas for example is just an incredible city. But I also love going to Brazil and other South American countries. They know how to party down there! Of course Amsterdam and the UK are always amazing places to play; the clubs are always great and the people are really clued up about music culture.

5. Is Dirty Dutch on a mission to take over the world?

We don’t want to take over the world, we just want to share all this amazing music that we are a part of with the rest of the world. Over the years we have met so many amazing artists and come across so much incredible music that really, it is our duty to get this out there for the entire world to hear.

6. How many hats do you have?

Haha. Why? Have you found one? I have a lot of hats. But it seems that I am also losing them at about the same rate as I pick them up. I have now mastered the art of a stage dive whilst keeping the hat on so will hopefully be able to hang onto a few that bit longer.

7. Vinyl, CDs or USB?

They are all great. They all have benefits and they have things that are not as good, you just have to weight them up for you personally. As I travel so much, USB sticks are great for me because it allows me to take all my music away with me easily. So I only use USBs, that’s it! Dance music always moves with the times and we’ve got this great technology right in the palm of our hands ….. let’s use it. We’ve gotta keep evolving people!

8. What producers do you rate right now- who’s killing it?

Betatraxx and Gregori Klosman are two guys that are completely killing it for me right now. Every time I see them play they do something different, and each time it blows me away.

9. What piece of advice would you give to someone going to Ibiza clubbing for the first time?

Get your sleep in before you come because it’s unlikely you’ll get any whilst you here. Oh and also, make sure you check out Subliminal at Pacha!!!!

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