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Diary: Return to New York (& New Jersey)

15 Oct – Club 466, West Orange, NJ We were already very excited to be in New Jersey and was our first time here at Club 466 too. I could not wait to see what everyone was talking about and … Continue reading →
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Diary: Sexy Spanish September

13 Sep – Pacha, Ibiza As September starts to wind the frenzy of summer down slightly, you won’t find us taking our foot off the pedal over at Subliminal Invasion! First up on this night was Subliminal’s own DJ/producer star … Continue reading →
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Diary: 40k People On a Beach Plus a 10-Hour Set

28 Aug – Porto Azurua Wow! This has to go down in the Guinness Book of World Records in Portugal! Over 40,000 people on a beach, all to see their hero Erick “More” Morillo! I walked up to the stage … Continue reading →
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